Watch this.


Look at the sky tomorrow.

Have you noticed there are A LOT more plane-trails in the sky?
Ones that don’t seem to fade away, or even relate to the number of engines on the plane itself?

These might not be the innocent water vapor, plane exaust trails you thought they were.

Please watch these links and investigate, there are a lot of opinions on what these trails can be.

Some say governments are apparently carrying out chemical experiments on humans, spraying chemicals from planes over populated areas, for research on the effects of the chemicals on the air and the humans who breathe it.
It has been done before, and has been exposed. Fact.

It might also be something to do with the Haarp Project, but we will inform you of this later.

We are possibly being sprayed with chemicals. Released into the air without us knowing, and it happens daily.


Watch, learn, investigate.

Next, we will move onto The Haarp Project and Chemspraying.

We are not being told what is really going on.

Thanks to the internet, we are now alowed a secret insight into things we should not see.

It’s up to us to learn and spread the word, sinister things are happening and will continue to happen, please do not believe mainstream media.

Thank you for following, please spread the word.

Spread the truth.

Lets begin.

9/11 Loose Change Film
The truth behind what really happened that day, and details on the cover-up.

Truely eye opening.
Watch, learn, share.

We are the Truth Movement.

9/11 inside job x HAARP Project x Illuminati x Bilderberg Group x
2012 x Chemtrails/chemspraying x Planet X x New World Order

We will do our best to share anything we find on these important and current topics, and allow you to discuss how you feel about the world and how it is being run.

We are the youth of today, and sadly, we are the ones who will witness whatever horrors are slowly being planned and carried out.

Knowledge is power, do not stay ignorant to the real world.
Do your part. Learn, investigate and share.